Counting Oranges


If I handed you an orange you could probably take it apart and tell me how many seeds there are in it. You could count seeds in orange after orange after orange. A lot of things come into play for this to happen. Your dexterity, your ability to dismantle an orange, and your sorting and counting skills are all crucial. All of these abilities would enable you to accomplish this task. But if I gave God just one of those seeds, He could tell me how many oranges He sees inside.

The difference is in the ability to see beyond “what is” and into “what could be”. Only God can do that! We limit ourselves by only seeing “what is”, instead of moving with God toward “what could be”.

Most of the time our dreams are not too big — they are too small. If we are to imitate God in our character, as Ephesians 5:1-2 suggests, why don’t we imitate Him in our creative ability? Our dreaming ability? Because it has been engineered (and “churched”) out of us. We have bought into the idea that if we tithe, do our day in the nursery, usher from time to time, and help out in Sunday school that we have done our part and we expect that God will give us some kind of prize. These are really good things to do and they always needed. But can you dream beyond what is just needed?

Let’s say dreaming was represented by oranges. We can see it in our mind. Originally we dreamed of only one orange, but we need to dream big enough to ask for the whole tree. All the while God may be wanting to give us an orange grove…an orchard…and all the seeds. Now, how many oranges are we talking about – including the ones He sees within each seed?

Our task is to release the seeds in whatever He gives us.

He can then use what we give to help us create the dreams He has for us. Both of these situations require a new perspective — God’s perspective. If we leave the oranges on the tree, never dream them, they will fall to the ground and dry up. With the unused seeds inside. It may be costly to dream, but to not dream at all is deadly.

What dreams has He given you that you think are too big – too unreachable? How will you surrender to His dreams today?

Dr. Doug Dees

When I am helping people find their sweet spot in ministry, I feel alive. When I am teaching with application of what God is saying, I feel alive. When I am helping a church re-think who they are and how to get done what God wants, I feel alive. As long as I feel like I am helping us all become more of who He wants us to be, I sense a smile from my Abba Father. Contact Doug

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