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We are all ingredients. We bring flavor to anything we are a part of. Sometimes we flavor things well. Sometimes we bring a bitter taste to a situation. But no matter. We are a flavor. Sometimes we may be only catalysts or a base into which flavors are added and they add the savory part. ...

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A Peace of Fruit

The problem with this statement is that we only want a “piece” of the fruit of peace. We want just enough to satisfy for the moment. We do not want Him invading too much of our space. We want peace as a temporary salve and not total peace – that exists regardless of circumstances. We ...

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Go to Prison

If you want to set prisoners free, you must go to prison. Christ did. He came here. He was a prisoner in his own body (freely and by design) so that He could be with us and fulfill Isaiah 61, which He said in Luke 4.  If you and I hang around people who are ...

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Boxed Up

For years, we have been boxed up. We have been in a cramped, dark space wondering if this is all there is. We know You, Lord. We love You. We know You have set us free. Free from sin and death. Free to go to Heaven to be with You when we die. And at ...

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Are you in front of the cross for a selfie?

I’m afraid if found the cross of Christ in some chamber of antiquities, we would put it on display and charge people to see it (and we would probably take a selfie in front of it). When, actually, we should kneel. Are we using Christ for photo opps? Are we pointing at Him concerning how ...

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Counting Oranges

If I handed you an orange you could probably take it apart and tell me how many seeds there are in it. You could count seeds in orange after orange after orange. A lot of things come into play for this to happen. Your dexterity, your ability to dismantle an orange, and your sorting and ...

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