Are you in front of the cross for a selfie?


I’m afraid if found the cross of Christ in some chamber of antiquities, we would put it on display and charge people to see it (and we would probably take a selfie in front of it). When, actually, we should kneel.

Are we using Christ for photo opps? Are we pointing at Him concerning how He is changing our lives or are we pointing at our circumstances when they are going well or pointing at how tough a thing Christ is asking us to walk through. In a very subtle and damaging way, we are looking at our circumstances and situations (either a good or bad situation), we are not looking to Christ and telling others about who He is, regardless of the circumstances. Someone asked me the other day what authors I looked up to? Who did I admire? As I thought about it, I realized there are those like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who amaze me. He wrote about Christ in unbelievable situations in a German prison.  Do I talk about Christ in the midst of my absolute comfort in life? I am ashamed to say I spend more time bemoaning the comfort zone facts of much of the American church, than I do talking about how great our Lord is.

Are you standing at the cross to take a selfie? Or are you standing at the cross because there you find all you need in life?

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Dr. Doug Dees

When I am helping people find their sweet spot in ministry, I feel alive. When I am teaching with application of what God is saying, I feel alive. When I am helping a church re-think who they are and how to get done what God wants, I feel alive. As long as I feel like I am helping us all become more of who He wants us to be, I sense a smile from my Abba Father. Contact Doug

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  1. I still remember the day I found myself standing before the cross……I had no where else to go. The cross is the only place that makes any sense now.

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