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Fish Prison: Living Beyond the Glass
Knowing God. Changing you. Helping others.
Isn’t that church?

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About Fish Prison

Are you stuck? Is it possible that the rituals of work, and even church, may be keeping you confined and empty, instead of released and full? Yes it is possible, but it’s also possible for you to become all of who God intends you to be, with freedom and purpose. The “Three Questions” in FishPrison will help you ‘live beyond the glass’ of confinement. But do understand that all three must be sincerely asked of God, all three of Him…the Trinity. What could it hurt to ask Them?


Isn’t it time to make a change?

Many followers of Christ are not actually following Him.
They are stuck in their “Sunday aquariums” or
in their own personal aquariums.
Also known as their “comfort zone”.


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