Why an Aquarium?

One day I caught myself staring through the glass. I was wondering just what those folks not in church thought of us, and how boxed up we had everything. We say we are free in Christ. But it sure did not feel that way to me. I felt like I may have been a captive who was set free, only to get caught again. An aquarium came to mind. Trapped behind glass is all some of us have ever known. That was quite a few years ago. I wanted more than the personal or religious aquarium. I just didn’t know what that might look like.

If I hadn’t started breaking glass, I would have continued to adjust to the pain of comfortable-ness…assuming there is no way out.

We assume there is no water on the other side of the glass, that we would die out there. But,in the reality of who Jesus is, there is water—living water. Behind the glass. Beyond the glass. There is hope in Him. Have we settled for less than Him? I think the answer is yes. And I think the three questions can change that for you, as well as your church. 

Are you willing to ask three questions daily? (Go ahead and look at the beginning of chapter five for the three questions) Are you willing to follow Him, and the rest of the Trinity, regardless of your circumstances? Scary question, but better than the pain of comfortable-ness. Again, Matthew 4:19 doesn’t say, “Follow me and I will make you keepers of the aquarium.” Or keepers of the comfort zone. But it might as well. So much of the western church is stuck behind the glass of our fish prison. Our aquarium is safe and secure from all alarm. I think we have quit leaning on Jesus. We seem to lean on our own finesse and ability to keep it safe behind the glass. Quit leaning on the glass. 

Ask God…

Father, how can I know You and love you better?
Jesus, what needs to change so I look more like You?
Spirit, who are You leading me to invest in?

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