Whiteboard in Hell

I give credit to Mark Lambert (my best friend in Texas) for this illustration. You know there is a whiteboard in hell with your name at the top. Underlined. Below your name are the things satan knows God has planned for you. The enemy does not know all of them. Only God knows all that He has planned. But, the enemy can tell what is going on by observing your life, your actions, and reactions. God knows everything written on that whiteboard in hell. He also knows what satan plans to try to defeat you. Not only does God know what’s on my tongue before I say it, according to Psalms 139, God also knows everything satan has in mind, and of course God knows all He has planned. He knows all the pieces of all the battles from all sides, and he knows all this in advance.

The enemy will lie and tell you that you do not have what it takes to do what God is asking you to do. But you do have what it takes…because you have Who it takes. You have what it takes if you have Him. He knows all things! If you do not have Him, I suggest you read the book of John in the New Testament and investigate the claims of Christ. I believe they are true, and I try to live my life following Him. The enemy tells me I do not have what it takes to follow Him. That I do not make any difference in anyone’s life. The enemy will do all he and his henchmen can to stop each of us from doing all that is on the whiteboards. They want to stop you where you are, and where ever you go. They will consistently attempt to thwart the plans God has for you. They want to keep you in your religious and personal fish prison. But, there are ways to live and things to do on the other side of the glass.

Someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience.

All of the plans God has for us have people involved in them. There are no ‘small deeds’ that we do out of love for Him and others. All God has planned for us to do can make a big difference in the lives of others. No matter whether we think what we do is a large or small action. A kind word to a neighbor; a change of your life-work; an email or text or actual letter or a call to someone who needs to hear from you. A larger than normal financial gift to someone, some cause, your church, or a mission endeavor. Large or small, satan does not want any of these to happen. Remember this – God is not judging you by the size of the action. He is looking for you to be obedient to the loving actions He has planned. God smiles when you follow His Son and do what He knows is on the whiteboard.

As I am working to finish this blog in the study, it is very early in the morning and the house is dark and silent. A battery went out in one of our smoke alarms and sounded its alert. I levitated for a moment! The incredibly high-pitched chirping reminds me, any distraction to any item on the whiteboard will do.  But I will finish, then search out the chirp.

In my next post, we will explore the types and severity of the enemies’ attempts to stop what God has planned.

Remember to ask the three questions daily:

  • Father, how do you want me to know and love You better?
  • Jesus, what needs to change so I look more like You?
  • Spirit, who are You leading me to invest in?

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