Kingdom without a King

So much of life is already prepared and ordered for us. Gravity is a constant, thank goodness. So is air. The sunrise. The sunset. The game board of life is set. And we spend much of our choices on that board on how we can control or manipulate all that interests us and what we want. We want to order that board, our kingdom, so we are king. We order it so that we are in charge. But we are not in charge. At least not to the degree we would like to think we are. We are in charge of responding. We have a choice to initiate positive change. Yet we seem to want the benefits of the kingdom, but do not want to follow the King of that kingdom.

The kingdom we live in is not our kingdom. Neither you nor I are not the King. We cannot assume authority of that kingdom, though we have authority within it. When a certain rebellious angel attempted to assume all authority, it did not turn out well. The rebellion continues. This kingdom is at war. But we have a King who will fight for us and alongside us. Yet much of the time it seems we want a kingdom without a king, and no conflict. Neither of those options exist anywhere, ever, until Heaven. Even hell has a ruler. And you don’t want to listen to him, ever.

Our ability to choose to respond well, will order our days. Even though our Father knows each one of them already. Do we hear the voice of Christ, and reject it today? Only for Him to whisper to us again tomorrow. Do we want our will done, or His? Do we know Him as the One who died for us, yet choose to listen to our own voices each day?

Will you listen to Him as He says he knows your thoughts before you think them? Will you ask Him, and then listen, as He points out some grievous, wicked ways in your life, and then lead you in an everlasting way? Will you listen to the plans He has for you to be a working part of His kingdom? Or will you continue to try to arrange your own kingdom?

The real King, who creates the sunrise, is King. But is He King of your kingdom? Or do you want a kingdom without a real king?

From God’s Word:

  • Psalm 139

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