I Forget He’s Here

I know Christ lives in my soul. His Spirit lives in me. I know that. I also forget that. A lot. He reminds me when I am actually listening. He is with me. The Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is with me. With ME! HE says, “I AM WITH YOU – even to the end of the age.”

He is constantly wanting to remind me of truth, “to bring to my remembrance all that Christ has said to me.” John 14:26.Things like, “I do not condemn you, even though you just thought you were because of the arrow the enemy just landed.” Or, “You’ve got this, even though you just thought you did not have what it takes to get this done.” The Spirit is our comforter, our encourager, our reminder, our guide through life. Your comforter, your encourager, your reminder, your guide. My comforter, my encourager, my reminder, my guide. (Say that to yourself.) He is so intimately personal. Not just skin deep.

He is more a part of you and your soul than you are of your physical body.

The “real you” lives inside that earth-suit. The Spirit will be with you to the end and usher you into the presence of Jesus. Your body will change, die, and be re-formed someday. The Spirit who Christ gave you will not change. He is always the same. He is never changing. He is always with you.

I sometimes wish He would make Himself known more obviously to remind me He is there. To get my attention. Like the “blinking man light” at the crosswalk, and the countdown voice. Or maybe a little “ding”. Like an old bell on a shop counter. And for the big things, a “gong”. But He is not like that. We have to play our part. We must listen. And then not just be obedient like a robot in what He asks us to do. We are working with Him. It is about that relationship. He is with us. He has our best interest at heart. As He does for those in our pathway.

We have to play a part even prior to that. We must desire closeness with Him. We must have some want to. Want to hear Him. Want to follow Him. Want to hear the desires of His heart for us. He will not force us. Yes, there are times when it seems He is a little more insistent. But for me, that is only when I am already listening. But I must be listening for that whisper. I must listen closely amidst all the noise of the day, the activities, and the thoughts the enemy uses to drown out the whisper. I have to ‘want to’ hear Him. Then I must listen.

Do you really want to hear Him?

Tell Him you do.

Then listen.

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