Face time with Jesus – Nativity scene (Part Two)

They all face Him. Everybody in the manger scene faces baby Jesus. Even the camels and the sheep. When you are precisely placing the nativity scene, don’t you make everyone face toward baby Jesus? Why? Because Emanuel is with us! No one in their right mind would face them away from Him.

When I was at First Baptist Church of Orlando, we had many nativity scenes in the different buildings on our campus. One day, as I walked past one of them, when no one was looking, I turned Joseph so he was staring off into space instead of looking at baby Jesus. Then someone would come along and turn him back around. Then I went to another nativity scene and turned Mary to face away from the manger. It is quite conspicuous when one of them is staring off into the distance. Then a few days later, in another one, I faced the sheep outward. Then a wise man. Then the camels. I got away with it for a few years. It became a small buzz with everyone wandering who would do such a horrible thing?! Who would face people away from baby Jesus?! Then one day I was caught on a security camera. Oh well. My point has been for many years, that we face Jesus during this time of year, then we quit facing Him as soon at Christmas is over. We look into the face of the Christ child; we celebrate His birth and then we move on to face something else when the Christmas season is over. Shouldn’t we seek His face all year long?

Shouldn’t we face Him every moment of every day? Though you may have taken a thousand steps away from God this year, and doubted Him in many ways, it only takes one step to turn and face Him. He is always ready for you to turn and face Him, go the direction He is going, and become the person He sees you to be. Once Emanuel, which means ‘God with us’. He is with us. He is always with us. It is so easy to forget that once Christmas is over. This next year, why not focus on His presence in your everyday? Why not leave one manger scene prominently out for another month?

A reminder, He is still with us!

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  1. Excellent point and so true. Actually over the years I have noticed some members in our nativity scenes facing away. Coincidence? I think so.

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