Do I have what it takes?

So many of us ask this question. The question to which satan says “no”. And God says “yes”. Our God has placed within us the ability to hear Him. At times His voice may seem like a distant whisper. That may be because you have moved so far from Him. You may be chasing life in the wrong direction. You may be out to see what life can give you. Stop and remember this, He is always ready for you to come back. As evidenced by the ‘prodigal son pig slop eating story’ which Jesus told. Hard to imagine sometimes that God will accept us when we have run so far from Him. But He will…and He does!

No matter where you are, you can again ‘have what it takes’. But, you must not listen to the world’s definition of ‘what it takes’ or ‘what is needed’. You must listen to His definition. And His is simple.

Become who I made you to be.

First, it is this – He is conforming you into the likeness and character of Christ. That is an absolute must if we are to have hope for a future. Otherwise, we are on our own to shape life as we want it. The next step to ‘have what it takes’ is finding what were you made to do. The answer to that is broader than you could ever imagine, tough to find at times, and may change over your lifetime. From a tug boat captain to a ballet teacher, a stay at home mom to a wall street exec., from a high tech software engineer to a steelworker. Our options today are so far beyond what they were just a few hundred years ago. God looks favorably on any type of work which makes humanity better. But are you His? Are you becoming more like His Son as you go into that work? That change is of greater importance. To the degree that you are not, you will try to ‘get from your work’ more than you ‘give to your work’. In other words, it will be ‘more about you’ than it is about those you serve, those you work with, or those you work for.

Take care that your character is growing in Christ. Ask Him to help you in becoming who He made you be in whatever life work you sense Him calling. God wants people who have what it takes to look more like His Son each and every day of their lives. He wants us to work at whatever He has called us to do. Even when we trip or fall, He is there to pick us up and help us move further.

Run from pig food. Run to Him. You have what it takes!

Luke 15:11-32
Ephesians 2:10
Romans 8:29
2 Corinthians 3:18

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