Back in the box – Nativity scene (Part Three)

Emanuel, God with us. Jesus chose to come be with us. To be born in human form, but still God. I know that is hard to understand. How can God indwell a simple human body? He can. He did. God was ‘with us’, and still is. If you are His child, He is with you…He is always with you. He never leaves…you do, or you never draw close. If you are not His, He is only around you, but not living out His life in you as the One you follow.

After Christmas we put Him back in the box and in the attic. Till next year. As I suggested last week, why not leave the manger out for an extra month…remind yourself that God is with us even after the Christmas ornaments are packed up. He is with us. He was born, became a child, then a man, who we follow. The manger is empty as well as the cross. ‘God with us’ – Emanuel. We forget that fact the minute we put Him in the box in the attic and start making some resolutions. We forget it right after we proclaim it.

The cross is empty. The manger is empty too. But you are not. God is with you. So now what? He still feels strangely disconnected. For much of my life it was just about duty and obligation to what church leaders told me to do. Don’t get me wrong, it was all good. I was a part of a great church. However, it took me a long time to realize God wanted a growing, deepening relationship with Him through His Son and the Spirit. When He became my savior, and even as I realized how He was to be my Lord, I found myself talking to Him as though He were some distant deity, and I hoped my prayers would reach far enough for Him to hear and answer. Though I knew He was with me, He felt distant.

We have to take Him back out of the box.

We have to quit trying to only do things ‘for Him’, and talk ‘at Him’. We all know that developing relationships is tough. Human relationships are tough. How much more so with a deity who is invisible? Who is Spirit? Right?

So, try this: Every day go to Him. Ask Him to help you get to know Him better as the personal, relational God who is with you and will never leave you. Who will walk through life and all that you face? He will. He does. Be persistent. Show great faith in Him as the woman who was oppressed by a demon did in Matthew 15.

If you are not His, and He is not yours, why not talk to Him now? He is available. Start the conversation right this moment. Tell Him you want to know Him. You want that life which is abundant He talks about. You want to turn away from a life lived on your terms and start living on His terms. Let me tell you…it is not easy at times because of the world we live in. But it is indescribably better than without Him.

From God’s Word:

  • Matthew 1:23
  • Hebrews 13:5
  • Matthew 15:22-28
  • John 10:10

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