My wife Karen and I live in Moore, Oklahoma. We have two kiddos – Katie and Matt. Katie lives in Port Orrange, FL, northeast of Orlando, Florida, and is an EMT/Firefighter. Matt helps manage a growing popup camper company in Flagstaff AZ. We love life in Moore, but obviously, we have to go visit our kiddos.

My parents and two sisters and their families live in and around Ft. Worth Texas. Karen has two sisters and her dad in Las Vegas and a sister in Ft. Worth and one in Houston.

I have now retired from the local church, and am now writing, consulting, and helping with missional projects with and  

God continues to guide me in what He wants of me for His kingdom. I hope to help anyone I can get to, to know our Father better, see change in their lives to look more like Jesus, and find purpose in how the Spirit leads them to help others own their lives.

Please contact me if your church needs help thinking through what it means to help people become disciples and disciple-makers.